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International Federation for Information Processing

IFIP Technical Committee 1

TC1 on Foundations of Computer Science

Chairman:Professor Michael Hinchey
NASA Software Engineering Laboratory
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
Email: Michael.G.Hinchey at ("at" replaced by @)

TC1 Homepage Address:


History of TC1



To encourage, organize, support, and unify the development of the following areas:

with the goal to develop foundations and to make use of them.

TC1 Members

[AR] J. Heintz(a) [AT] W. Kuich(a) [AU] P. D. Eades(a)
[BG] B. Sendov(a) [BR] I. Simon(a) [CA] N. Santoro(b)
[CH] J. Rolim(a) [CL] R. Baeza-Yates(a) [CLEI] R. Baeza-Yates(a)
[CN] H. Lin(a) [CZ] J. Gruska(a) [DE] W. Brauer(a)
[DE] E. Mayr(b) [DE] U. Nestmann(b) [DK] M. Nielsen(a)
[ES] J. Diaz(a) [FI] A. Salomaa (a) [FR] M. Nivat(a)
[FR] J. Sakarovitch(b) [GB] C. A. R. Hoare(c) [GB] R. Milner(c)
[GB] D. T. Sannella(a) [GR] N. Missirlis(a) [GR] P. Spirakis(b)
[HU] Z. Esik(a) [IT] G. Ausiello(a) [IT] A. Bertoni (b)
[IT] U. Montanari(b) [JP] T. Ito(a) [JP] N. Kobayashi(b)
[NL] Jos Baeten(a) [NL] P. van Emde Boas(b) [NL] J. van Leeuwen(b)
[NL] G. Rozenberg(b) [PL] J. Blazewicz(a) [PL] A. Tarlecki(b)
[PT] A. Sernadas(a) [SI] V. Batagelj(a) [SK] B. Rovan(a)
[TH] S. Charmonman(a) [US] D. S. Johnson (ACM)(a) [US] J. C. Mitchell (ACM)(b)
[US] M. O. Rabin(c) [US] J. T. Traub (ACM)(b) [US] L. G. Valiant(c)


TC1 Working Groups

TC1 has created seven Working Groups (WG1.1-WG1.7) in order to promote activities in
specific foundational and theoretical areas of computer science in the spirit of Aims and
Scope of TC1. Also, TC1 would create new working groups in response to strong needs and
changes of some specific fields along with the research and development in foundations and
theories in computer science.
The members of Working Groups are scientists and research engineers from academic and
industrial institutions like universities, research institutes, and companies; they are
expected to be expert/leading researchers in the fields covered by the corresponding Working
Working Groups organize their events, including annual meeting(s) and workshop(s); those
who are interested in participating their events should contact to their chairs, since
participations in some events are by invitation only.

The current Working Groups of TC1 are as follows:

WG1.1 on Continuous Algorithms and Complexity [Chair: H. Wozniakowski]
WG1.1 Homepage:
WG1.2 on Descriptional Complexity [Acting Chair: Chandra M. R. Kintala]
WG1.2 Homepage:
WG1.3 on Foundations of System Specifications [Chair: J. L. Fiadeiro]
WG1.3 Homepage:
WG1.4 on Computational Learning Theory [Chair: A. Sharma]
WG1.4 Homepage:
WG1.6 on Term Rewriting [Chair: C. Kirchner]
WG1.6 Homepage:
WG1.7 on Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design[Chair: R. Gorrieri]
WG1.7 Homepage:
WG1.8 on Concurrency Theory [Chair: L. Aceto]
WG1.8 Homepage:

TC1 Activity Reports

The activity reports of TC1 from 1997 until 2002 are available here, which are prepared and maintained by Prof G. Ausiello (The first TC1 Chair) and his staff. The activity reports after January, 2003 are available below.

TC1 Events


Information for TC1 members