Accepted Papers

  • Florian Haftmann and Tobias Nipkow. Code Generation via Higher-Order Rewrite Systems
  • Daniel Seidel and Janis Voigtländer. Automatically Generating Counterexamples to Naive Free Theorems
  • Gilles Barthe, Pablo Buiras and César Kunz. A Functional Framework for Result Checking
  • Martin Avanzini and Georg Moser. Complexity Analysis by Graph Rewriting
  • Jacob Howe and Andy King. A Pearl on SAT Solving in Prolog
  • Jeroen Ketema and Jakob Grue Simonsen. Least Upper Bounds on the Size of Church-Rosser Diagrams in Term Rewriting and Lambda Calculus
  • Dominic Orchard and Tom Schrijvers. Haskell Type Constraints Unleashed
  • Vicent Estruch, Cèsar Ferri, José Hernández-Orallo and M.José Ramírez-Quintana. An Integrated Distance for Atoms
  • Stefano Berardi and Makoto Tatsuta. Internal Normalization, Compilation and Decompilation for System F
  • Yolanda García-Ruiz, Rafael Caballero and Fernando Sáenz-Pérez. Applying Constraint Logic Programming to SQL Test Case Generation
  • Thorsten Altenkirch, Nils Anders Danielsson, Andres Löh and Nicolas Oury. ΠΣ: Dependent Types Without the Sugar
  • Peter Thiemann and Martin Sulzmann. Tagfree Combinators for Binding-Time Polymorphic Program Generation
  • Oleg Kiselyov. Delimited Control in OCaml, Abstractly and Concretely. System Description
  • Javier Álvez and Francisco Javier López-Fraguas. A Complete Axiomatization of Strict Equality over Infinite Trees
  • Didier Remy and Boris Yakobowski. A Church-Style Intermediate Language for MLF
  • Akimasa Morihata and Kiminori Matsuzaki. Automatic Parallelization of Recursive Functions using Quantifier Elimination
  • Andreas Abel. Normalization by Evaluation for the beta-eta Calculus of Constructions
  • Naoki Nishida and Masahiko Sakai. Proving Injectivity of Functions via Program Inversion in Term Rewriting
  • Alexis Saurin. Standardization and Böhm trees for Lambda-mu-calculus.
  • Mischa Dieterle, Jost Berthold and Rita Loogen. A Skeleton for Distributed Work Pools in Eden
  • Olivier Danvy, Kevin Millikin, Johan Munk and Ian Zerny. Defunctionalized Interpreters for Call-by-Need Evaluation

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