*Tentative Program as of 4:20 PM, April 17 (Saturday) JST [#xaea901c]

NEWS: The program has CHANGED because many flights from northern Europe are [[canceled:http://www.bbc.co.uk/]].  More changes are likely, in particular for April 21 (Wednesday).

''NEWS: Fritz Henglein and Oliver Danvy are going to give invited talks.  Stay tuned.''

**April 19 (Monday) [#hf283e92]
***11:30-13:20 Registration and lunch [#oa081fc8]
***13:20-14:20 Invited talk (session chair: Naoki Kobayashi) [#e646a77b]
:Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems with SAT Technology|Naoyuki Tamura
***14:40-16:10 Evaluation and normalization [#vf5fe545]
:Internal Normalization, Compilation and Decompilation for System F|Stefano Berardi, Makoto Tatsuta
:Normalization by Evaluation for the beta-eta Calculus of Constructions|Andreas Abel
:Defunctionalized Interpreters for Call-by-Need Evaluation|Olivier Danvy, Kevin Millikin, Johan Munk, Ian Zerny
***16:30-18:00 Types and program transformation [#x7a7c4b7]
:A Church-Style Intermediate Language for MLF|Didier Remy, Boris Yakobowski
:Tagfree Combinators for Binding-Time Polymorphic Program Generation|Peter Thiemann, Martin Sulzmann
:Automatic Parallelization of Recursive Functions using Quantifier Elimination|Akimasa Morihata, Kiminori Matsuzaki

**April 20 (Tuesday) [#e2f0cdb2]
***09:00-10.00 Invited talk (session chair: German Vidal) [#j9fe236b]
:Using Static Analysis to Detect Type Errors and Race Conditions in Erlang Programs|Konstantinos Sagonas
***10:20-11:50 Term rewriting [#ldab0efb]
:Complexity Analysis by Graph Rewriting|Martin Avanzini, Georg Moser
:Least Upper Bounds on the Size of Church-Rosser Diagrams in Term Rewriting and λ-Calculus|Jeroen Ketema, Jakob Grue Simonsen
:Proving Injectivity of Functions via Program Inversion in Term Rewriting|Naoki Nishida, Masahiko Sakai
***11:50- Lunch, excursion, and banquet [#nd0505fc]

**April 21 (Wednesday) [#e073b2f7]
***09:00-10:00 Invited talk (session chair: Matthias Blume) [#feb020bd]
:Beluga: programming with dependent types and higher-order data|Brigitte Pientka
***10:20-11:50 Logic programming [#h59833a7]
:A Pearl on SAT Solving in Prolog|Jacob Howe, Andy King
:Applying Constraint Logic Programming to SQL Test Case Generation|Yolanda García-Ruiz, Rafael Caballero, Fernando Sáenz-Pérez
:Automatically Generating Counterexamples to Naive Free Theorems|Daniel Seidel, Janis Voigtländer
***11:50-12:50 Lunch [#o0a9b49b]
***12:50-14:20 Types and program manipulation [#f5032290]
:Code Generation via Higher-Order Rewrite Systems|Florian Haftmann, Tobias Nipkow
:ΠΣ: Dependent Types without the Sugar|Thorsten Altenkirch, Nils Anders Danielsson, Andres Löh, Nicolas Oury
:Haskell Type Constraints Unleashed|Dominic Orchard, Tom Schrijvers
***14:40-16:10 Foundations [#lf6e4101]
:A Complete Axiomatization of Strict Equality|Javier Álvez, Francisco Javier López-Fraguas
:Standardization and Böhm trees for Lambda-mu calculus|Alexis Saurin
:An Integrated Distance for Atoms|Vicent Estruch, César Ferri, José Hernández-Orallo, M.José Ramírez-Quintana
***16:30-18:00 Parallelism, control, and program analysis [#e0c70a6f]
:A Functional Framework for Result Checking|Gilles Barthe, Pablo Buiras, César Kunz
:Delimited Control in OCaml, Abstractly and Concretely. System Description|Oleg Kiselyov
:A Skeleton for Distributed Work Pools in Eden|Mischa Dieterle, Jost Berthold, Rita Loogen

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