**More Excursions [#i90887c7]
For those who are staying a few extra days before or after FLOPS 2010, here are several possibilities of more excursions around Sendai.  All of them are 1-2 hours from Sendai by train or express bus.
-Sushi and other seafood in [[Kesen-numa:http://www.pref.miyagi.jp/kankou/EN/sushi/sushi_kesennuma.htm]], [[Ishinomaki:http://www.pref.miyagi.jp/kankou/EN/sushi/sushi_ishinomaki.htm]] and [[Shiogama:http://www.pref.miyagi.jp/kankou/EN/sushi/sushi_shiogama.htm]]
-Hot springs in [[Naruko:http://www.pref.miyagi.jp/kankou/EN/sightseeing/Naruko/Naruko.htm]]
-Cherry blossoms in [[Kitakami:http://www.kitakami.ne.jp/~ksa/]] (Web site in Japanese)
-Islands and temples in [[Matsushima:http://www.matsushima-kanko.com/en/]]

See also the Web sites of [[Japan National Tourism Organization:http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/location/regional/miyagi/sendai.html]] and [[Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Division:http://www.pref.miyagi.jp/kankou/EN/]].  Try Google or other search engines for more information.

**Cautions [#t50112ca]
-Most buildings of the [[Sendai (Aoba) Castle:http://www.sentabi.jp/1000/0000/0001/0000/0000/100000000001000000000002.html]] were ''lost'' during the 19th-20th centuries, though the site is part of the [[Aobayama Park:http://www.sentabi.jp/1000/0000/0003/0000/10000000000300000001.html]], which is good for cherry blossom viewing in mid- and late April.
-The [[Nishi Park:http://www.sentabi.jp/1000/0000/0003/0000/10000000000300000000.html]] used to be good for cherry blossom viewing as well, but most of the cherry trees have been ''removed'' due to subway construction.

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