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This page's name is a play on words I'm too lazy to explain. Just try to pronounce 'lambda & pi', you'll get most of it…


Even though I am French, I like speaking (British) English and eating marmite on toasts. Besides that, I went to INALCO (France's National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations), Pierre and Marie Curie "Paris 6" University, Montreal University, and MPRI (Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science). I have an interest in theoretical CS and discrete mathematics as well as in music and languages. I speak fluently (a mixture of outdated and Québécois variations of) French, (British) English, (standard and north-eastern) Japanese, and plan to achieve enough proficiency in Italian, Korean and Norwegian by the end of my Ph.D.

I've suffered from repetitive strain injury at both hands since early 2008. Thanks to a shiny white Kinesis keyboard lent by my lab and set up in dvorak bépo, a pen tablet and xwrits, I still can use a computer.


I obtained my Ph.D. (高階分散プロセス計算のための環境双模倣 (Environmental Bisimulations for Higher-Order Distributed Process Calculi)) in March 2012 under the guidance of Associate Professor Eijiro Sumii.

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